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For Immediate Release:

Candice Grose, Communications Officer

Cleveland Metropolitan School District

June 11, 2024

Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) Board of EducationPasses East Professional Center Renaming ResolutionCleveland, OH – Tonight, the Board of Education for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) passed the resolution to rename its East Professional Center building in honor of Mr. Arnold Pinkney, a former Cleveland Board of Education member. The administration building located in Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood will now be known as the Arnold Pinkney East Professional Center.In 1967, Mr. Pinkney, a leading civil rights activist, accomplished political campaign strategist, and well-known education advocate, was elected to the Cleveland School Board. He served from 1967 until 1971 and held the position of Board Chair from 1971 to 1978. A key event in Mr. Pinkney's presidency was the court-ordered desegregation of the District, which is considered to be a contentious period in Cleveland's and the District's history. A great deal of the social turbulence has been averted in part due to Mr. Pinkney's unwavering commitment to eliminating the negative effects of previous desegregation and creating an integrated educational environment for his students during that period.Sara Elaqad, CMSD Board Chair: “Mr. Pinkney was an inspiring community leader. His legacy demonstrates a commitment to Cleveland’s children and elevates a respect for equity – values that continue to resonate with our Board today. Honoring Mr. Pinkey’s legacy allows us to reflect on where we stand in the course of history and how we will continue to do the work necessary to support our students while centering equity now and, in the future.”Later this summer, the community will be invited to an event honoring the late Mr. Pinkney and to watch the installation of the new building signage.



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